Principals of Guangdong high schools participated in teacher training in Finland

From January 6th to 26th, 2019, 24 principals from the Guangdong Provincial High School Principals’ Training Program came to Finland and participated in the three-week advanced training on Finnish education organized by the Finnish International Education Innovation Research Institute (FEDUCATION), Finland-China Education Association (FICEA), and Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

The principal team visited 10 local Finnish schools, observed and studied the schools from the perspective of the school curriculum and its innovation, national curriculum localization, principal leadership, campus culture building, multi-disciplinary integrated innovative teaching, educational digitalization development and modern learning environment design and other hotspots in the Chinese and international education fields. The training also included 4 thematic workshops, participated in 15 theme reports, joined teacher seminars, and experienced the off-campus curriculum.

The principals highly praised the training and gained a thorough understanding of Finnish education from various aspects of the educational system. In the extra training session, the principals further consider the localization of the strengths of Finnish education and the actual practices of international education in their own schools.