The principal’s studio of primary school in Fengtai, Beijing participated in study and exchange program in Finland

From May 13th to
20th, 2019, 10 principals from Beijing Fengtai Primary School Principal Studio came
to Finland to participate in the education program organized by the Finnish
International Education Innovation Research Institute (FEDUCATION), Finland-China
Education Association (FICEA). The team visited various schools, observed
classroom teaching, and participated in keynote speeches, workshops,
principal-teacher seminars, and extra-curricular activities. Through this
training, the principals study the Finnish school curriculum and its
innovation, Finnish national curriculum localization, principal leadership and
teacher curriculum leadership, campus culture building, phenomenon-based
teaching, educational digitalization development, Finnish language teaching and
modern learning environment design, and other heated topics in the field of
education in China and abroad.


After the training, the principals stated that they would bring the experience gained
during the training process on the comparison of the Chinese and Finnish
educational system and their strengths, and the inspirations of the Finnish
curriculum reform to the domestic local curriculum construction back to
Fengtai, to their school development so that more teachers and students would
benefit from it.