NEDU SCHOOL new kindergarten and comprehensive school officially started in 2021 in Xiong’an New Area in China!

Under the long-term cooperation framework with Xiongan’an New Area local government sector and Finland-China Education Association (FICEA), after almost three years preparations and construction, the Xiong’an Ronghe Shuangwen Kindergarten and Xiong’an Ronghe Dehui School (comprehensive school), which are independently operated and managed by FICEA, have officially started in November and December of 2021 respectively.

As a successful school cooperation case of NEDU SCHOOL in Xiong’an New Area, Xiong’an New Area local government and educational sector implement NEDU SCHOOL advanced concept and its “Comprehensive quality management” systems into school operation.  Based on the Chinese national curriculum and education system, FICEA integrates the “best of” China and Finland education ideas and teaching methods together and makes it localized successfully in daily classroom teaching and learning. NEDU SCHOOL contributes to creating the new “Sino-Finnish school cooperation model”. The NEDU SCHOOL innovative systems include teacher training, curriculum research and development, modern learning environment design, student support, and school management & assessment. Except for the holistic design of the school interior and outdoor learning space, especially FICEA expert team designed the modern Finnish functional classrooms for Chinese pupils, such as the Home-economics classroom, Technique-craft classroom, Makerspace, and so on.

Amounts of the Chinese national and local media, provincial and local directors from educational sectors, principals and teachers visited our kindergarten and comprehensive school for experiences exchange and learning of school innovative operation and management.