2020 Annual Serial Training for Principals of Tianhe District, Guangdong

On July 29, 2020, Dr. Dong Li, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Finland-China Education Association, was once again sincerely invited by the Guangdong Primary and Secondary School Principals’ Association to participate in the completion ceremony of the principal training class in Tianhe District, Guangdong. Dr. Dong Li presented a theme report called “Finnish Education for the Future”, in which Dr. Dong Li deeply analyzed and summarized the advantages and characteristics of Finnish education, how Finnish education leads the direction of global education, and the curriculum reform in China and Finland. At the same time, Dr. Dong Li discussed with the principals and other educators about the differences in education between China and Finland, how to implement international education, and other trending issues in an active online interaction and Q&A exchange.

The principals responsible for the leadership of the Guangdong Primary and Secondary School Principals’ Association and the principals of the training class expressed their sincere gratitude to Dr. Dong Li for his professional guidance in the different learning stages of the Tianhe District Principals’ training series in recent years.