2018 Sichuan Wanhui Education Group Early Childhood School Finland Education Exchange Conference

On December 28, 2018, Jari Andersson, Chairman of Finland-China Education Association (FICEA); Dr. Dong Li, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of FICEA; and Pekka Pellinen, Vice Chairman of FICEA were invited by Sichuan Wanhui Education Group to participate in the conference with the theme of “Finnish Family Education and Happiness”, a large-scale public lecture.

Organizing a large-scale public lecture is an innovative and useful way to help establish Finnish education in Chengdu as well as to cooperate with Wanhui Universal Academy. Song Wenli, Chairman of Sichuan Wanhui Cultural Investment Co., Ltd. and Lai Min, General Manager of Sichuan Wanhui Cultural Investment Co., Ltd. as well as other school leaders attended the lecture. Dr. Dong Li, as a representative of the association, gave a presentation titled “Finnish Education for the Future.” During the presentation, he shared the secret for Finland’s success at being number 1 at basic education in the world.

Wanhui Universal Academy also prepared a roundtable for the parents and experts to exchange their thoughts and ideas. The expert team at FICEA and the parents had an in-depth discussion. The parents were concerned about the trending issues in education, and how Finnish education was integrated with China’s national requirements

(Reference link, part of the content has been edited: https://kknews.cc/news/98o99zb.html)