The 4th CFP Forum 2018 was held in Chongqing Xiejiawan Primary School

The 2018 4th China-Finland Principal (Basic Education) Forum in China:

From June 27 to 28, 2018, the 4th China-Finland Basic Education Forum was co-sponsored by Finland-China Education Association (FICEA) , Finnish International Education Innovation Research Institute (FEDUCATION), and Chongqing High-tech Zone Management Committee and Municipal Education Society. Held at Chongqing Xiejiawan Primary School in Jiulongpo District, this forum was also held in conjunction with the seventh Sino-Finnish Teaching Exchange Seminar. This is also the first time the China-Finland Basic Education Forum has been held in China since 2015 when it was held for three consecutive sessions. It has attracted more than 150 primary and secondary schools and nearly 1,000 teachers and staff from Beijing, Guangdong, Sichuan, and other provinces and cities to learn and exchange.
The forum focused on the theme of “Classroom Transformation Based on Student Innovation and Development”, and included keynote lectures, model lessons demonstrations, discussions, and so on. The exchanges and collisions of theories and concepts, as well as the model lessons demonstrations by Chinese and Finnish teachers, provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of the advanced education ideas and successful teaching practices in Chinese and Finnish basic education and demonstrated and shared the advanced development concepts of Chinese and Finnish basic education.

In the Sino-Finnish Teaching Exchange Seminar from June 29 to July 3, representative teachers from various subjects at Xiejiawan Primary School reported to experts the results and apprehensions after the in-depth education training in Finland in recent years. Finnish experts brought the teachers keynote reports that included teaching objectives, teaching content, teaching activity design, and teaching evaluation regarding different subjects. During the five days of workshops, lectures, and discussions, the Chinese principals and teachers have really come into close contact with new educational concepts.

The 2018 4th China-Finland Principal (Basic Education) Forum in Finland:
The Finnish Station of the 2018 China-Finland Principal (Basic Education) Forum— was held at the Finnish National Education Agency. The forum was sponsored by the Finland-China Education Association (FICEA) and organized by the Finnish International Education Innovation Research Institute (FEDUCATION), Project Director of the International Education Cooperation and Exchange Department of the Finnish National Education Agency, Dr. Laurie Tommy, Head of the Education Section from the Embassy of the. People’s Republic of China, Gao Yuhang, Vice chairman and secretary general of FICEA, Dr. Dong Li, Senior Education Consultant of FICEA, Dr. Matti Rossi, attended the opening ceremony of the seminar and delivered a speech. At the same time, the experts from various fields of education also attended the opening ceremony and made a wonderful keynote report. Nearly a hundred Chinese principals, teachers, and education administrators from Beijing, Hebei, Chongqing, Sichuan, Shandong, and Guangdong in China gathered in Helsinki, Finland to attend this educational forum to learn from the excellent practice achievements and core of Finland’s basic education reform idea.

The topics of this forum covered the Finnish national curriculum and its reform and practice results, the Finnish education system and its advantages, the reform and development of Finnish sports science education, the innovation and practice of Finnish mathematics education, and other Nordic countries’ education system. Experts in various fields of education in Finland and other Nordic educators have drawn an educational blueprint combining reality and vision from their own teaching, management, and academic research experience. The five academic reports of the seminar allowed Chinese principals, teachers, and educators from afar to understand the educational system and advantages of Finland and other Nordic countries from a macro perspective. From the teaching of different specific subjects, we deeply feel that education has a profound impact on the future development of the country, society, family, and individual. First, teaching is an art. How schools and teachers can provide students with a safe and happy learning environment, and how to help students improve their enthusiasm for learning and stimulate creativity, is a knowledge worthy of every educator’s exploration and contemplation. Second, education benefits society. A scientific education system, advanced educational concepts, and innovative teaching practices can effectively cultivate healthy and sound global citizens for society and promote the sustainable development of the future society.