The Xiong’an New Area Education Advisory Committee was established in 2018 and the FICEA expert was appointed as one of the committee members

On May 12, 2018, Xiong’an New Area Education Development Work Exchange Conference hosted by the Xiong’an New District Management Committee and undertaken by China Resources Group was held at the Zhuorun Jianguo Hot Spring Hotel in Xiong County. Twenty first-class Chinese education experts gathered to discuss the planning of education development and the short-term development of education in Xiong’an, as well as drew the blueprint for a strategic plan to lay the foundation for quality education in Xiong’an. The Xiong’an New Area Education Advisory Committee was officially established at the conference, and nearly 30 education experts were hired as the initial members. The conference also announced the launch of twinning projects for schools such as The Primary School Affiliated to Renmin University of China.
The Xiong’an New Area Education Advisory Committee consists of 30 experts from the educational field, including leaders and experts from well-known Chinese universities and researchers from various educational and scientific research institutions, as well as educators from educational associations and non-governmental organizations.
Education is the first and foremost priority in the millennium plan. It aims to allocate educational resources accordingly in the New Area as well as offer high-quality education from preschool to university. In addition to high-quality education, research will also be prioritized in Xiong’an University.

Keynote speakers also addressed the development of education in the area. Wang Dinghua, Secretary of the Party Committee in Beijing Foreign Studies University and Director of the Department of Teacher Work of the Ministry of Education, proposed 12 development concepts in his speech. Fang Zhongxiong, Dean and researcher at the Beijing Institute of Educational Sciences, also underlined that education must be a priority in the development of the city, not only because it’s one of the public services people are most concerned about but also because it serves as the basis for the planning and construction of Xiong’an New District. Dr. Dong Li, Vice chairman and secretary general of FICEA, gave a speech in which he spoke on the development of education in Finland and analyzed Finnish education from six different perspectives.

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