2019 “Finnish Education in China” – Teacher Training Program in Chongqing Shanhu Experimental Primary School

In April 2019, Chongqing Shanhu Experimental Primary School and Finland-China Education Association (FICEA) jointly organized the fourth Finnish basic education training. During the five-day training, Finnish experts took “phenomenon-based teaching” as the starting point, led teachers to improve their curriculum design, enhance the ability of curriculum development and integration, and further improve the quality of teaching through expert lectures, excellent lesson demonstrations, interdisciplinary and inter-grade seminars, experienced learning, and expert feedback and suggestions. 

Finnish educational experts observe the lesson demonstrations of Shanhu Experimental Primary School and evaluate and analyze the lessons from teaching method, classroom interaction, and student participation. Finnish experts also instructed the teachers teaching different subjects and different grades to conduct project research on the theme of “Green Campus” in the project design. Participating teachers set sub-themes and learning goals by themselves and design the research method, implementation, and assessment independently. During this process, teachers solve the problems and design the projects from both students’ and school’s perspectives, which enable them to have a deeper retrospect and reflection on their teaching method.  

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