2019 “Finnish Education in China” – Teacher Training Program in Chengdu Wanhui Education Group

On April 11, the Finland-China Education Association (FICEA) visited Chengdu Wanhui Education Group and carried out the Teacher Training program, which was one of the activities of the “Finnish Education in China” in 2019. Dr. Dong Li, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the FICEA, Dr. Matti, a well-known Finnish science curriculum design expert, and Virpi, a Finnish expert and language textbook writer with 20 years of first-line teaching experience in English and German, and other Chinese and Finnish education experts brought wonderful lesson presentations to nearly 200 teachers and parents in Wanhui. The lesson presentations included the multi-disciplinary teaching that integrated English and PE, a science class that combined innovative thinking and practical skills. The advanced teaching philosophy and methods provide a learning environment. The advanced teaching concepts, student-centered teaching, and methods provide a learning environment where students could concentrate on their own learning pace and immerse themselves in the learning process and creative thinking. Both teachers and parents are amazed by the outstanding teaching methods and learning outcomes.

Dr. Dong Li explained and shared his thoughts after the exquisite lesson presentations. He emphasized that successful English language learning in Finnish Education lies in its emphasis on situational and action-based teaching and the cultivation of English thinking, which is different from the Chinese teaching methods focusing on memorizing and test-based learning. In the science class, the Finnish teacher provided inquiry-based learning for science education allowing students to explore, analyze, summarize, modify, and complete the project with the seeds of science planted in their hearts.

“Finnish Education in China” is a serial activity organized by FICEA, in which the educational experts go visit China to communicate and cooperate with Chinese educators. The goal is to allow educators from the two countries to learn from each other and know more about the advantageous scientific research, the new educational concepts and teaching models which promote the resource exchange and mutual development.


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