2019 ” Finnish Education in China ” in 2019 – Chengdu Wanhui Education Group

In November 2019, the expert team of Finland-China Education Association (FICEA) visited the schools of Chengdu Wanhui Education Group and carried out an annual serial teacher training program, aiming to help the teacher team continuously broaden their educational horizons, explore various core areas of education, innovated and improve the school curriculum, improve the teacher professionalism, and construct the highest-quality education for children facing up the future society. 


The Finnish expert team brought an English-programming integrated lesson, a science- information technology integrated lesson, a specialized English lesson for the primary school, and a science course for kindergarten students. Based on the Finnish demonstration lessons, experts also brought special lectures related to the demonstrated lesson, adding new perspectives to the teachers’ educational vision. At the same time, the expert team also further visited the daily lessons of kindergartens and primary schools, observed the demonstration lessons of Wanhui teachers, and helped them develop the school curriculum with Wanhui school characteristics.

In the second part of the training, the expert team separately had group discussions for different grades and had a lively discussion with the teachers on the ideas of Sino-Finnish curriculum design, the preparation of lesson plans, the practice of Sino-Finnish interdisciplinary teaching, and the improvement of curriculum, and answered the teachers’ questions in daily teaching.