Teacher (Principals) Training Program

FICEA with extensive and superior teaching training resources, is actively organizing amounts of tailored training programs for Chinese education professionals.

FICEA consists of various scholars, researchers and prominent teachers with sufficient theoretical and practical experiences, which ensures the high quality of the training programs. FICEA had signed long-term principal and teacher training agreements with multiple Chinese education research institutes and some local education bureaus. As the appointed training center in Finland, FICEA has undertaken various education expeditions and carried out a series of teacher/principal training programs, including the study of Finnish education system, especially basic education and early childhood education.

FICEA will design curricula and training materials for specific teacher groups. The goals are to strengthen learning abilities, to improve the innovation of education theories and practices and to enhance the professional skills of the whole teaching team.

FICEA serial training program of "Finland Education in China" - Xiejiawan Primary School's 8th Finland Week Seminar

From October 28th to November 1st, 2019, Finland-China Education Association (FICEA) once again came to Xiejiawan Primary School to carry out the 8th Finland Week seminar. The three main themes of this seminar are "Implementing Morality Education, Developing Quality of Education", "Revolving Learning Methods Reform, Focusing on Normal Classroom Teaching", and "Gathering Educational Wisdom in China, Finland, and Singapore, Building a Learning and Research Community".