Chinese Principals Training

The educational attainment of improvement program for primary and secondary teachers in the training base of Guangdong province is organized and coordinated by the South China Normal University.

A group of Chinese principals from Fengtai District of Beijing, China, started a training and exchange project in Finland in November 2015. The project was organized by FICEA (Finland-China Education Association) with the supports from the municipal governments of Tampere and Sastamala.

The 12th 4-day convention of the International Confederation of Principals (ICP) was rounded off with ceaseless applause on 6th August. The delegation of Chinese principals left Helsinki, City of Design in the world, with Finland-China Education Associaiton (FICEA) for Tampere which is the third biggest city in Finland, one of the world’s most livable cities as well as the headquarter of FICEA.

In September 2014, a training program for the principals and teachers from Chinese Non-governmental Schools was held in Finland by Finland-China Education Association and the Professional Committee of Primary and Secondary Schools of Chinese Non-government Education Association. The program was a great success and supported by the Finnish Parliament, the Chinese Embassy in Finland and the city of Tampere.

In August 2014 a 14-member delegation of teachers from Beijing Normal University (BNU) Primary School & Kindergarten visited Finland for an education training program.