FICEA Serial Educational & Cultural Activities & 2018 Winter Camp


2018 winter camp highlights:

  • International cultural event: Chinese and Finnish students performing on the same stage
  • Walk into a Finnish school and experience the Finnish classroom
  • Creative Snow Sculpture Contest
  • Colorful Off-Campus Experience
  • Create a Customized Second Classroom
  • Experiencing Nordic Nature, Culture, and Enthusiasm.


International cultural event: Chinese and Finnish students performing on the same stage

The 2018 "FICEA Serial Educational & Cultural Activities" event was held in Tampere, Finland. Ms. Tuija Telén, Director of Economic Development and Public Relations at the City of Tampere, attended as special representative of the mayor of Tampere.  During the show’s opening speech, she said: "The city of Tampere is Finland's third largest city, Finland's most important industrial centre, famous for its wood, textile, metal and other industries; it also witnessed the birth and development of Nokia, a world-famous telephone manufacturer. Tampere is also an internationally renowned education and research center, which brings together three research and technical universities and a number of scientific research institutions. Tampere also hosts a variety of cultural and artistic activities and is a veritable art capital. Therefore, we warmly welcome children from China and around the world to come to Tampere for academic exchange, theatrical performances, and other visits. We also sincerely hope that this cultural show will be a complete success and will build a bridge to promote friendship between China and Finland." As a school principal who is cooperating with FICEA and was participating in the "FICEA Serial Educational & Cultural Activities" again, Tampere’s Tammerkoski upper secondary school’s Matti Hännikäinen also greeted this cultural event warmly. “More than 500 teachers and students from eleven primary and secondary schools in five cities and towns of Finland have participated in this show. We are honored in the city of Tampere to host such a remarkable international event. We are happy to meet with Chinese children and perform on the same stage. I wish this cultural show complete success!" During the performances, the artistic culture of the two countries was splendid on the international stage, bringing us fascinating Chinese traditional culture and a wonderful Finnish music feast! At the same time, it also enhanced the profound friendship between teachers and students of both China and Finland, broadened their international perspectives, and improved the students' cross-cultural skills. 



The cultural event had ended. Children of both countries were still not willing to leave. They rushed to embrace and take pictures. The children’s cross-national friendship has quietly begun and will continue. Let’s make an agreement- the next time you’ll come to China, won’t you? Perhaps one day in the future, we will meet again! 




Walk into a Finnish school and experience a Finnish classroom.

During the winter camp, the children visited six well-known primary and secondary schools in three major towns and cities in Finland. Come to Finland to participate in a class, study together with Finnish peers at the same table, listen to Finnish teachers' wonderful lessons, and experience the original immersive Finnish education; in the afternoon, enjoy a school lunch with Finnish students and exchange interesting news about the school. While enhancing language skills and communication, the school visits also deepen international friendships. Here, the students are introduced to fresh and interesting courses: woodworking class, art class, home economics class, etc. Each lesson brings different impressions and stimulates an infinite interest in learning. The essence of education is to encourage real experiences and to let children apply what they learn.





Creative Snow Sculpture Contest

Another highlight of the winter camp is the Snow Sculpture Contest. The theme of this year’s contest was "Panda and Moomin", symbolizing the long friendship between China and Finland. During the contest, the students formed groups, brainstormed and presented various works with imagination and creativity. This entertaining and educational activity enabled students to participate in Finland's ‘theme-based teaching ‘and experience learning by doing. 




Colorful Off-Campus Experiences · Creating a Customized Second Classroom

The Finland-China Education Association's expert group also created a variety of off-campus classrooms for students. Alternative classrooms are everywhere - what is learned in school is knowledge, but what is gained beyond the classroom is real experience and insight. Children visit various famous Nordic museums, innovative technology centers, modern libraries, and internationally renowned first-class universities, for true immersion in Northern European culture.
In this cultural and academic atmosphere, we have experienced different Nordic cultures, improved the students’ cross-cultural tolerance, broadened their international perspective, and laid a solid foundation for the future of world education and culture.




Experiencing Nordic Nature, Culture and Enthusiasm

Finnish education excels at finding learning materials from real life and making use of the high-quality natural resources and unique cultural landscape of Northern Europe. This approach to education is based on the true needs of students, stimulating their interest in learning, so that children become adept at observing phenomena, exploring independently, and recognizing cultural features. We believe this to be one of the key secrets to Finnish education.




During the winter camp, the children took part in a “walking class” carefully designed by the educational experts from FICEA. The children participated in a remarkable cultural event and experienced true cultural immersion, held a creative snow sculpture competition and enjoyed a tailored knowledge-based off-campus course. The children also truly experienced the Nordic natural and cultural landscape. The winter camp inspired students to internalize subject knowledge via the practical ability to “actively ask questions, and actively solve problems”. They applied their enthusiasm and knowledge to gain a genuine understanding of Northern Europe while enhancing the essential skills of creativity, critical thinking, communication and cooperation. The camp activities inspired the children's imagination and creativity, trained independent thinking and teamwork, and promoted traditional Chinese culture and cross-cultural tolerance.
After the completion of the winter camp, we received a message from a child’s parents: after greeting the child at the airport, child’s first sentence was “Mummy, I want to go back to Finland!”  This simple statement warms all of our hearts. It is a great affirmation and encouragement for us! We are also looking forward to your next visit to Finland. We are always ready to welcome you!