Pupils from Xiejiawan Primary School Enjoyed Their Winter Camp

Pupils from Xiejiawan Primary School, Chongqing, China enjoyed their winter camp in Finland. The winter camp was jointly organized by us, Finland-China Education Association (FICEA), and cities of Tampere and Sastamala. For many of those pupils, it was the first time that they saw such a heavy snow. They experienced the Finnish weather and lessons in Finnish schools. 

During the 13 days camp, pupils attended creative lessons in arctic. With the assistance from Finnish teachers, they were divided into teams and worked together. Finally, they had performed very well in the creative snow sculpture activity. Apart from those specially designed lessons, they also visited a Finnish school, where they joined classes for 2 days. This provided an opportunity for them to try Finnish education. Many of them made some Finnish friends. As mentioned, it does not normally snow in their Chongqing City and they were even more surprised when they could try many winter sports in arctic. They also visited a Nordic zoo where they met lots of endangered animals and learned how climate change affected animals’ life. Museum and library are also some of pupils’ favorite. They saw many interesting exhibitions and enjoyed their reading in library. 

Many pupils and their teachers gave positive feedback for this winter camp. For example, their communicative competence enhanced a lot through English language and body language. From the creative lessons, they understood the importance of group work. Besides that, they also practice their critical and creative thinking in snow sculpture project. 


The most unforgettable part was our school visit. First, we felt a bit shy, but later on we were very happy to know the Finnish students. Many pupils even had tears in their eyes when we said goodbye to the school we had visited.

Zhou Zhiying

Finnish students provided me encouragement and assistance. When we left the school, we exchanged our contact information and got a poster with the pupils’ signatures. I was moved into tears because of the poster. Finnish school impressed me.

Liu Qiyue

What impressed me the most was the self-discipline of Finnish students, which is also a good aspect for Chinese students to learn. There were many interesting contents and hands on activities. This allowed us to experience some of the core features of Finnish education and its courses. Chinese children learned a lot from the Finnish students.

Ms Ren Luyan



When it came to the end of this winter camp, many of them expressed that they would like to come again during summer. 


Let’s watch the video and see some of them!