2015 FICEA Summer Camp


FICEA nordic&polar inquiry-based summer camp opened in July 2015, the right 65th year since Finland and China established diplomatic relations. The summer camp was co-hosted by FICEA, the City Councils of Tampere and Sastamala. It aimed at “innovation, thinking, cooperation, communication”, offered students a chance to join in real Finnish classes, experience and explore the local education via a series of exchange activities and trips including “feeling the charm of Nordic cities” “innovation classes in camp” “enjoying outdoor exercises” “practical teaching in museums”, etc..


In order to display real Finnish classrooms and educational idea “Learning by Doing”, the experts of FICEA designed particularly creative development courses for 7 to 17-year-old students, which combined the indoor and nature, brain and physical works, let students have fun during the learning.

The students participated in all of activities or courses in teams. They were encouraged to discover the beauty of life around them, express themselves in a team and make innovations on the basis of traditional knowledge. All of designs were aimed at enhancing students’ teamwork and communication abilities, fulfilling “One for All, All for One”.

The experts designed the out-of-school class – “Experience Museum Education of Finland” for the FICEA summer camp. Along with the teacher’s explanation in the museums, the students learned gradually the history and culture of Nordic and how people kept a harmony relationship with the nature.

In Helsinki, the city well-known as “The City of Design” around the world, the students discovered the perfect combination of arts and nature, the old and modern in the churches, parks, squares. The “human-oriented” social idea can be seen everywhere.

After that, the students crossed the Baltic by cruise and arrived in Sweden. They took a lecture about Nobel in the City Hall of Stockholm, walked around in the capital to see the distinctiveness and local customs.

“Nature in touch” is an essential part of Finnish education. The students were given a typical Finnish “forest lesson” with specific treasure tasks. In the forest, they picked berries, learned different plants, listened to the birds and felt the breeze on the top of the hill.

The spirit of Sisu means “will and determination” in Finland. Finns are fond of sports and practice, which give them strong minds and healthy bodies in the face of adversity. On the Olympic game designed by FICEA, the students made new friends and completed challenging projects together in new teams.

Let’s hear what the teachers and parents said:


  1. A bunch of thanks to all of teachers from FICEA. Hope that we can get a chance to join in your classes again, which were so wonderful with plentiful information and experiences! Every word was inspiring, benefited our teachers and students a lot! --A teacher from Beijing No.18 Middle School
  2. The 10-day studying trip was a harvest. My child seems to grow up a lot. He even talked about studying hard when he is back in China and coming to Finland for studying and working in the future. He knows his own mind now. Thanks to the teachers from FICEA again! --A parent
  3. Studying and educating in this way is just like infant enlightenment. Perhaps there are not much changes at the beginning, but a deep long-term influence on children will be seen along with time!--A parent


We were inspired by your classes so much on this trip in Finland. We’ll try to organize students to do collective works this semester, and hope to benefit my students with team work in my future classes as same as what you have done in the creative classes in the summer camp…We are trying to put fine arts, history and Chinese language and literature together, then make them into a team work. We’ll definitely let FICEA know immediately if any good outcome is available later! --A teacher from The Branch of Beijing No.5 Middle School