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The progressiveness and uniqueness of Finnish education are “the most results with the least class hours and high efficiency” in comparison with other countries. What makes it? What makes “Finnish education leads global education”? These are worth learning and delving.

BBC "Why do Finland's schools get the best results?"
By Tom Burridge, BBC World News America, Helsinki
TIME: Finnishing School - How an anti--Tiger Mother approach to education helps Finland turn out a better-than-average workforce
By Joshua Levine,
What Finland can teach China about education
By Jiang Xueqin,


Chinese Education Research



Chinese education is confronting with inevitable issues in an innovation stage of information age, such as how to deal with traditional education, how to link up with the international development, how to localize western superior educational ideas, courses and methods in China, etc.. They are all burning issues demanding solutions.

现代职业教育体系建设规划 (2014-2020年)