Curriculum Development


Based on the Tekes project - “Cooperation China-oriented Finnish Basic Education Curriculum Development”, FICEA experts aim to integrate the merits of the Finnish education system and curriculum, to localize them in the Chinese context in order to develop a school curriculum for Chinese schools .



E-learning Platform and Edu-tech


FICEA has cooperated with the largest digital education content organization and the largest education material provider in Finland and other Scandinavian countries with the aim to develop a customized e-learning platform by exporting the Finnish education technology to China. This techology includes for example  a mobile classroom and a communication platform for schools and families. FICEA and Chinese educational research institutes collectively develop and import digital teaching platform. Chinese education is able to achieve e-learning through combining the advanced digital teaching platform with Chinese education characteristics. 



China-Finland International Future School


China-Finland International Future Schools will combine the pedagogical advantages of both countries. The concept is carefully constructed with the help of Finnish and Chinese education professionals and it covers every factor, beginning from the architecture and learning environments all the way to the training of teachers and specific learning tools, to achieve world class results. We will expand our education model from early childhood education to primary, secondary and tertiary education.