Finnish Education in Beijing Wuyi Primary School

The “Finnish educational experts in China” - Project 2017 initiated by FICEA is fully operating. FICEA, along with Beijing Wuyi Primary School, co-organized a China-Finland Education Cooperative Program with an overall theme on cultivation of students’ core competences.


On the 19th of April, the final review meeting of the China-Finland Education Cooperative Program was held in Beijing Wuyi Primary School. Director Yunquan Lu from Haidian Education Commission, Vice Director Tu Yongyong from Haidian Government Supervision Office, Dean Yinghui Wu from Haidian Academy of Education and Science, Director Li Cheng from Wanshou Road School District, President Jari Anderson from FICEA, Vice President Dong li from FICEA, three Finnish education experts, Principal Shan Chen from Beijing Wuyi Primary School , Secretary Lixin Zhao from Wuyi Primary school, along with around 130 teaching staff attended the closing ceremony.

In the closing ceremony, a short documentary reviewing the whole week’s training program and gathering all the highlights was played. Teacher representatives reported their training, learning, and inspiration from Finnish educational ideas and teaching strategies. Secretary-General Dong Li, as an ambassador of China-Finland friendship, spoke highly of the comprehensive accomplishment of Beijing Wuyi Primary School, particularly the teachers’ rigorous studying spirit. Li expects to achieve mutual education improvement and resource complementation, and meanwhile to cooperate with Beijing Wuyi Primary School further in near future. Principal Shan Chen of Beijing Wuyi Primary School expressed her sincere gratitude to Haidian Education Commission and FICEA, and also summarized the tremendous gains throughout the week. In addition, Principal Chen looks forward to developing a further and in-depth cooperation with FICEA in a long term.

Director Yunquan Lu of Haidian Education Commission delivered an important speech in the closing ceremony as well. He pointed out that developing internationalization of local education is one of the ten priority projects within the national “13th Five Year Plan”. The Haidian district attaches great importance to the internationalization of education and therefore gives strong support to the China-Finland Education Cooperative Program, which brings intellectual support to improve quality of education and realize school development, but also expands the high-quality educational resources of local districts, and further improves the local education performance. In addition, Director Lu placed high expectations on the Beijing Wuyi Primary School, which could absorb the positives of Finnish education and take full advantage of local education to achieve innovation on future education.   

Jari Andersson, chairman of the Sastamala City Council, Principal of Sylvään koulu, as well as the President of FICEA, shared his perspective on the program. He emphasized that FICEA has achieved a wide network and partnership in China; FICEA looks forward to further cooperation with Beijing Wuyi Primary School and Haidian Education Commission.

The first phase of the “China-Finland Education Cooperative Program” eventually accumulated 18 class observations, 18 lesson evaluations and 5 thematic lectures, and also gathered approximately 900 teaching staff. Thus, the expected goal was reached. In the end, both parties would like to deepen the collaboration and achieve educational innovation and fusion. 


In the closing ceremony, FICEA and Beijing Wuyi Primary School officially signed a “Cooperation Agreement of China-Finland Education Cooperative Program”, and exchanged ideological gifts. In the lively atmosphere, as the representatives of both parties pressed the ball, the educational collaboration between China and Finland officially started.