The Branch of Beijing No.5 Middle School Went into a Cooperative Relationship with Sylvää Scholl in Finland

The vice-principal of the Branch of Beijing No.5 Middle School and directors of the Board of Education of Beijing Dongcheng District were invited by FICEA and started a visiting trip in Finland on 26th May 2015. The Chinese school signed a strategic cooperation agreement of sister schools with Sylvää school in Sastamala


This delegation of Beijing visited the schools of Takahuhti and Tammerkoski in Tampere either. They had the meetings with the principals and teachers, discussed about different education systems and teaching styles between the two countries.

In the morning on 28th, the Chinese delegation signed “The Establishment of Inter School Cooperation Agreement” with “First School of PISA” Sylvää School, which would be focused on future digital teaching and curriculum cooperation, future school innovative experiment programs and so on.

In addition, FICEA organized some high-quality education forums to assist the delegation to understand the core of Finnish education – “learning by doing”, teaching style innovation, freedom of education environments and all-around supports from the nation.