Finland-China Education Association(FICEA) was founded by Finnish education specialists with the aim of assisting governmental sectors, schools and individual actors to expand their networks and enhance their knowledge in the field of education between Finland and China. Establishing platforms for schools, academic institutions and governmental sectors between Finland and China also conforms with Finnish education export strategy.

FICEA has been supported by different schools and government sectors and gained extensive  resources in Finland and China. FICEA has successfully cooperated with Finnish International Education Innovation Research Institute in carrying out cooperative programs related to education research (curriculum development and design / education training / student joint training and exchange program), Sino-Finnish future school , Learning environment design, International education forum, Education academic investigation, Education digital platform development, and Sino-Finnish Friendship School Serial Educational & Cultural  Exchange Activity between education institutions, governmental departments and schools.


Our Mission

FICEA’s mission is to create opportunities for government sectors, educational research institutes and  schools at different levels. FICEA believes in win-win situation for everyone.

Opportunities Creation

FICEA creates opportunities for education cooperation between Finland and China by connecting educators from both countries and organizing international education forums, trainings, seminars and other activities.

Cooperation Promotion

FICEA promotes exchange and cooperation in different levels of research, curriculum development, educational training and sister-school programs based on the Umbrella Design Principle, which  enables educators to learn from each other and to promote education cooperation between Finland and China.

Sharing Achievements

FICEA conducts educational research both in theory and practice and shares the latest information, achievements and educational ideas with its members. We aim at establishing the platform for sharing research outcomes and applying them to schools and research units in Finland and China.

Win-Win Situation

FICEA optimizes education solutions by integrating education resources and research outcomes.  With the combination of Chinese and Finnish education, FICEA achieves all-win situation by promoting international cooperation and development.

Connecting & Sharing

You can exchange and share leading educational ideas and experiences via FICEAs connections with educational peers and experts  to support and advance the development of bilateral education development. Contact us, and we will find the most suitable partner for you. 

Training & Customization

FICEA provides the latest education solutions through our extensive resources and network in the education field. We also offer customized education training & research programs in order to have the best learning experience.

Creation & Innovation

As a member of FICEA, you are taking part in the design of future education. We are constantly updating our network and expertise and enhancing creativity and research  to ensure our leading position in the education field.