FICEA Educational summer camp 2014 in Finland

August 2014, Beijing No.18 Middle School has organized two teams to Finland for comprehensive social practice, and cultural exchange and communication.


The programs made by the education expert group of FICEA (Finland-China Education Association) for the Beijing No.18 Middle School focused firmly on "Learning the essence of Finnish education" through visiting Finnish sister schools, having classes in the nature, participating in innovation lectures, and other learning activities, which were intended to show the students the education concept of the Finnish people.

Through the programs and curriculums developed by Finns, the students had a comprehensive experience and understanding about education in Finland, whose principles are learning by doing and encouraging independent thinking and innovation in playing, practicing and learning.

During their stay in Sastamala, Ms. Huang, the vice principal of Beijing No.18 Middle School, on behalf of Mr. Guan, the principal of Beijing No.18 Middle School, had an interview with the local media, about the purpose and significance of this visit to the friendship school. She explained, that on the one hand, the group paid a return visit to Sylvää School since the principal of Sylvää School visited Beijing No.18 Middle School in April; on the other hand, through the friendship relations with Sylvää School in Finland, they are able to build a learning platform for students to extend their learning about Finland, enable learning from each other, to broaden their horizon and get to know more about the world.    

Ms. Huang, the vice principal also mentioned that, in this exchange of learning, the students truly understood the meaning of learning environments. It is not just in the indoor classroom and teaching, but you can go outside of the classrooms, for example to the nature, museums and other different kinds of environments. The students experienced Finnish characteristics of education, which may have made them think differently when they went back to China. It helps them to grow mentally, which strongly validates Beijing No.18 Middle School’s motto - "Education is the foundation for a happy life".