Education Research and Curriculum Development

Research on Finland Early & Basic Education:

FICEA has cooperation with various Finnish local government sectors, universities and research organizations in early and basic education research fields, like TEKES and BUSINESS FINLAND education research projects.


Research Exchange:

FICEA receives visiting scholars from China in the area of education research and practices. We arrange both research activities on Finnish education theories and practical school visits.


Curriculum Development:

FICEA expert team integrates the “best-of” advantages of both Finnish and Chinese education together to develop the tailored school-based curriculum for the cooperation schools.

FICEA expert was appointed as one of the members of Xiong’an New Area Education Advisory Committee ​

On May 12, the 2018 Xiong’an New Area Education Development Work Exchange Conference hosted by the Xiong’an New Area Management Committee and undertaken by China Resources Group was held at the Zhuorun Jianguo Hot Spring Hotel in Xiong County.