"Build a prestigious school, build a dream for a hundred year!" – Establishment of Wanhui School in Dujiangyan

On the morning of August 30, 2020, with an investment of nearly one billion yuan, Wanhui School in Dujiangyan held a grand opening ceremony after six years of planning, four years of preparation, and two years of construction. All teachers and students at Wanhui School in Dujiangyan City, as well as celebrities from all walks of life, educators, calligraphers, painters, and singers, gathered to express their blessings and expectations for Wanhui School and the children in different art forms. 

Jarno Syrjälä, the ambassador of the Finnish Embassy in China, was invited by Wanhui and the Finland-China Education Association to attend the opening ceremony and extend his sincere congratulations. Ambassador Jarno Syrjälä mentioned in his speech that the Finland-China Education Association (FICEA) and the Finland Education Research Center(FEDUCATION) are impressive education teams. They have school management experts and curriculum development experts with advanced theories and successful practical experience. FICEA and FEDUCATION have joined hands with Wanhui Education to introduce and implement the comprehensive education and management model from kindergarten to secondary school and lead Finland’s top education experts and architectural design teams to create a unique curriculum system and modern learning environment and space design for Wanhui. These include the Finnish distinctive technical craft classrooms, home economics classrooms and Makerspace, etc. The cooperation among the FICEA, FEDUCATION and Wanhui is a successful example of educational cooperation between the two countries! 

Chengdu Wanhui Education invited Dr. Dong Li, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of FICEA, to serve as the chief principal. He borrows the DNA of successful Finnish education into the teaching system of Wanhui School in Dujiangyan City. At the same time, he introduces the original “Comprehensive Quality Management on the School Level” model created by FICEA and a first-class Finnish expert team in Wanhui. He said that the school will implement a high-quality and systematic education model from kindergarten to secondary school for all ages and the whole process, and advance innovation in the six areas: school-based curriculum system, teaching methods, research-oriented teacher training methods, management and evaluation, learning support system, and learning environment. 


(Note: Part of the content comes from online resources)